Terra is a complete range of engineered lubricants for agricultural machinery, earth moving machines, construction vehicles.

Terra offers a series of specialized products such as multifunctional lubricants, to meet the needs of most agricultural and construction machinery, which are generally grouped into two categories: U.T.T.O. (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil), or lubricants for use in all the auxiliary organs, motor excluded and S.T.O.U. (Super Tractor Oil Universal), or lubricants for use in the engine and in all the auxiliary organs.

Terra include both traditional technology products and lubricants able to provide better fuel economy, high protection in all weather conditions, respect for the environment and long-lasting performance.

Terra engine oils line also include lubricants designed specifically for the new-generation EURO V engines equipped with after-treatment exhaust gas systems.

Innovative also the line suitable for use in classical transmissions as well as in most modern transmission systems.

Respecting resources, people and attention to the environment we look for the best raw materials and the best additives to guarantee high performance products. We are also proud to export the Italian spirit all over the world using the renowned tradition and culture, a fundamental part of our thinking and our products