Cookie policy

This site uses profiling cookies.

That’s what it means.

What are cookies

Cookies are messages sent by servers to browsers installed on your devices and are stored. This information is in turn readable by the servers that use them to make it easier to do some of the operations we make online.

Cookies are not all the same

There are two types of cookies.

Technical Cookies

This type of cookie is useful to facilitate our navigation, allowing us some speeds such as maintaining access to sites and social media and facilitating online shopping by memorizing the content of a carriage. These operations become simpler and faster because some cookie data is already stored and we do not have to re-enter each time.

Profiling Cookies

Through this type of cookie, you can memorize the actions you make browsing the Internet, the research you make, and the content you use online. This data is then analyzed to propose information, entertainment and advertising content in line with your interests.