ITALIAN PETROL COMPANY S.r.l. is made up of a techno-commercial lubricant professional group, with previous experience in prestigious brands lubricant industry. We aspire to get its due share from the International Market by providing top quality products and services, at reasonable prices.

The Department is located in the Agro Nocerino, Salerno province, fully operational and offers high quality services. The production is very flexible, with an annual production capacity reaching 750-800 tons/month: in continuous operation it’s capable of producing 510 t/month of oil in bulk and packaged oil 120 tons/month. The storage capacity is 270 tons of raw materials and semi finished products and 20 tons of packaged.

Mixing can produce various kinds of lubricants, and can process the groups I through IV. The process is to mix the various components according to recipes processed internally to meet manufacturers specifications API, ACEA and manufacturers of industrial machinery, applying production standards which maintain consumer safety, respect for the environment, protection of health; all well supported by our lab.


We are engaged in creating a symmetrical performance standards in everything we do. Our mission and vision are essential in building milestones for the continued success of the company.

The following is the essence that drives our pioneering spirit, to provide quality oils.



We operate safely



We combine professionalism with dedication



Ethics and trust in our relationships with all stakeholders



We are responsible for our actions



Compliance with environmental protection



We want to anticipate change by responding with creative solutions



Total employment and customer oriented



We encourage communication, friendship and team spirit among colleagues


Our strategic development plan is reflected in our vision of action and is fully integrated into our Organization. The commitment of our entire organization is designed to suit the preferences and requirements of customers, keeping constant value. We develop business anyway, respecting the environment in workplace safety and economic growth, according to the principles of quality management.

  • Application of integrated business strategies for a market-leading role.
  • Increase profitability in all areas by launching new markets marketing with
  • European standards of business development with particular attention to the creation of integrated values.
  • Investing in human capital as an essential factor for success.
  • Invest in research and technology as a lever to increase performance focus on the organization to provide world class performance, excellence in professional service, cost savings and profitable growth.


There are many possibilities when it comes to choosing the appropriate oil for your car’s engine.

As the engines become more sophisticated, the oil they contain must also evolve. Some engines only require synthetics, others semisynthetics or minerals, diversified by viscosity. Some engine systems can monitor the type of oil present and set an engine check indicator if the type is wrong. Oil is what keeps the engine from premature wear, overheating and many other shortening problems in its life. Finding a good oil, not necessarily expensive, is an effective tool to help keep a car on the road longer.

Terra is a complete range of lubricants engineered for agricultural machinery, earth moving machines and construction vehicles.

Terra offers a series of specialized products such as multifunctional lubricants, to meet the needs of most agricultural and construction machinery which are generally grouped into two categories: U.T.T.O. (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil), or lubricants for use in all auxiliary parts, excluding the engine and S.T.O.U. (Super Tractor Oil Universal), i.e. lubricants for use in the engine and in all auxiliary organs with better fuel economy, high protection in all climatic conditions, respect for the environment and long-lasting performance.


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